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What our students say about us

It is truly rewarding to get feedback from our students.

The success of our program depends on our matching students with our volunteer tutors and the time they make available to work together. The strength of these relationships is a measure of our success.

Read our student’s experiences

I am very grateful to Literacy Network. Once I learnt to read timetables I was able to get on trains and buses and travel across Sydney. I needed help to fill out forms and my tutor also helped me to find an optician for an eye test.” W

English is my second language. I am a migrant of Polish background. Since arriving in Australia, I have often struggled with my English and have never been confident speaking in English. Since January 2020 I have been very fortunate to have help from the Northern Beaches Literacy Network in developing my language skills. I regard it as a very valuable and successful program. This program has helped me a lot in developing my speaking skills, my confidence and my social skills. I am very satisfied with this service.
I meet with my tutor, once a week (with the exception of the time during lockdown). I practice English conversation with my tutor. I learn new words and their pronunciation. She is teaching me how to put some words in sentences in the right order which has always been hard for me. I also have learned more about Australian expressions. I have learned a lot about Australian nature and many remote, interesting places, museums and historic buildings. I have enjoyed reading books which she has borrowed for me from the Literary Network library.
During our meetings, we also discuss very practical current issues about everyday life in Australia, interesting places to go, medical help, cooking, shopping and good radio or TV programs.I enjoy spending time with my tutor who is a very friendly, positive and kind person. She is very easy to talk to and a very good companion.
It has been very nice experience and I am very grateful to the Literacy Network for giving me this opportunity. I hope to see the program grow and develop so that others can have the same opportunity I have had.” E

My tutor is helping me to work through the Road Users Handbook so I can get my driver’s licence. I have a lot of trouble reading because I left school early and I do not have a lot of confidence. We work through the questions and I make a note of key words I need to recognise. He revises each lesson with me when we meet.” S

I am 27 years old. I come from Tibet. I have been living in Australia for 4 years. I started English lessons with the Literacy Network in July 2016. I meet my tutor once a week in the Literacy Network office every Tuesday. We start our lessons at 4PM and finish at 6PM.
During our lessons I write, I listen to the recorded conversations from computer. We often discuss daily news. I talk about what I did during the week.We talk also about our holidays, geography, Australian nature, animals. I tell my tutor about Tibet.
We discuss matters that I currently deal with, like housing, employment or legal issues. We practice new vocabulary. Sometimes we do grammar exercises. We use books from the Literacy Network office library. Sometimes I do some homework. My tutor doesn’t give me too much homework because she thinks that I also learn English at work and at TAFE.
Now, I feel more confident with my English language skills. Thanks to my tutor I have learnt many useful and interesting things. All what I can say, write, understand in English it’s result of your help and time. Thank you so much.” V

I enjoy reading the articles my tutor brings. She helps me to understand new words and to pronounce them. I like working through the exercises based on the article, in particular, completing sentences and finding synonyms.” A

There is a saying – ‘life is what happens while you are busy making other plans’ At age of 35, I believed that my life path is already defined and that I knew who I was and where I was going. But “life happens” and I have to leave my old “life” and start a new one. I could not rely anymore on my existing experience. I have to not only to learn the new rules but also to apply them as quickly as possible.
I felt so lost as I could not find a job as an accountant as I was not able to communicate properly. Soon, I have questioned my decision to move here and my ability to adjust and live a full life.
I do not remember how I heard about the Literacy Network – that was more than 20 years ago but I remember they have introduced me to a lovely older woman who lived on her own in Belrose. I was visiting her twice a week and she has helped me not only with language but also with so much more. We talked about life here and especially about the education system which came handy for my kids. Just talking with her, I have realised that there is nothing to be afraid off. I have learnt that if put my energy into this, I will not only get back where I was before but I can achieve even more. The sky was limit not only for me but also for my family and especially my kids.
In the last 25 years, I have been working as finance professional; my kids have finished the university and have good jobs. We have achieved our Aussie dream and bought a house in the nice area.” U

We are going to watch the same program on television and then discuss it when we meet. I enjoy documentaries and so does my tutor.” M

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We teach English to help you communicate for work, everyday life, friendship and study. Our lessons are one-to-one.

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Assist adult new arrivals learn spoken English and the reading and writing skills they need for day-to-day living or finding work.

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We are a volunteer run not-for-profit organisation based in Manly Vale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, New South Wales.

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