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Become a volunteer and teach with us

Our aim is literacy for independence.

Be one of the many people on the Northern Beaches who volunteer. We will train you to work alongside our adult learners and provide them with the language skills and confidence necessary to participate in Australian life and culture. Phone or email us to find out more.

Become a volunteer tutor and train with us

Teach English for work and everyday life.

At Literacy Network our one-to-one literacy program focuses on the English language skills of reading, writing and speaking confidently. Working with our trainers who suggest a teaching program tailored to each student, tutors and students decide together on activities which are appropriate to the student’s goals.

Every student is an individual, with tuition organised around their needs. While there are social benefits to come from each relationship, our primary aim is to develop literacy for independence and eventually, self-directed learning.

We have an accessible library of resources, suitable for basic, intermediate and advanced levels. We also keep an up-to-date list of useful online teaching materials.

Our tutors provide ongoing feedback on their student’s progress or problems and should difficulties arise we are always available to help. No matter what your question might be, whether it’s about a resource, a learning one, or a ‘how do I find out about’ one, we will assist.

Our success depends on the people willing to volunteer

We’ll do our best to match your needs.

Depending on your interests, you could work with a native speaker, a new arrival, or an intermediate or advanced learner.

Teachers and students decide when and where to meet. In our office, in a library, in the student’s home, or online.

At least once a year all tutors are encouraged to attend a training and social get-together. These are very popular and useful occasions providing a chance to catch up with friends, update skills and share ideas.

I volunteered with Literacy Network when I retired several years ago. Instead of teaching privileged Australian teens, I found myself working with adult refugees from the Tibetan community in Dee Why. I was teaching ESL, but I had to learn a huge amount about my adult students, their culture, and how they dealt with the challenges of being a refugee in Australia. I had to adapt my teaching to meet their needs. Adults don’t necessarily want to learn what their teacher wants to teach!”
LC October 2022

our lessons are free

We teach English to adult new arrivals and native speakers. We do not have classes, our lessons be face-to-face or online.

who we are

Established in 1987, we are a volunteer-based not-for-profit association located in the Northern Beaches are of Sydney.

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For work, study, friendship and everyday life, we can help you learn the reading, writing and speaking English skills you need.

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