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We have a library of teaching resources.

Literacy Network has a wide range of print and audio resources that tutors can borrow. Our Coordinators can assist you to select appropriate resources for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.  For beginners, picture stories work well, and there is a selection of readers for all levels.
Our ‘Tutor training manual’ lists many useful resources to help with language for living in Australia, spelling and grammar and basic numeracy skills. There are many internet sites that offer online and downloadable resources.

Links to some useful podcast sites

Podcasts in English – Designed for ESL learners, a site where you can choose which podcast to listen to according to level.

Slow English – Podcasts about Australian daily life for intermediate learners of English

Aussie English – Improve your English while learning about Australian history, culture, and current affairs. Podcasts for advanced English students wanting to take English to the next level.

General sites that students and tutors may find useful.

English for Everyone – A resource for PDF printable English worksheets.

English Language Partners New Zealand – A site with a useful resource with a range of worksheets and videos.

Australian Citizenship Test and Resources – The official site containing information on the obligations and requirements for becoming a citizen.

Literacy Face to Face – Reading Writing Hotline, a resource to assist volunteer adult literacy tutors, with PDF files available to download.

Skills Workshop – A site with an extraordinary amount of information and ideas for worksheets. It relates to UK curriculum based resources but if you have the time to work through the site, you will find plenty to look at and use with an adult student. Literacy and numeracy are covered. 

Superteacher Worksheets – Membership based, the site has many free printable worksheets. Although for children it is useable for adult learners. Maths, including basic operations, angles, geometry, measurement and time; English – grammar, spelling, handwriting, proofreading and editing, phonics and writing; Reading and writing comprehension, alphabet.

Schoolhouse technologies – Free printable vocabulary worksheets provide practice in challenging vocabulary activities and basic language skills. Includes crosswords, word searches, word jumbles, and more.

A to Z teacher stuff – Lessons, tips and printables. This US site for school aged children has some good ideas which can be adapted for adult learners. For visual learners, worksheets using word shapes and your words can be downloaded.

Breaking News English – Over 1500 free lesson suitable for intermediate to advanced students. A resource to assist volunteer adult literacy tutors.

ESLeBooks – Free, downloadable eBooks with reading and writing tasks.

English as a Second Language – With over 2,500 conversations with audio and 3,000 short stories and essays.

The BBC has great sites for learners and teachers.

They offer a range of literacy and numeracy quizzes, vocabulary, grammar, news, cooking, games and lesson plans.

BBC Learning English



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