Introducing another tutor resource

With thanks to Google search engine and Ron C. Lee PhD for the website, here is a new resource for tutors to explore!

All of the content on Dr Lee’s website is free to download and/or print (courtesy of some fairly annoying, pop-up advertising).

In the For Beginners section, you’ll find Super Easy Reading passages, plus audio and exercises, as well as Easy Reading passages and Easy Grammar exercises. Some of these are aimed at children, but not all – you’ll be able to tell by the listed titles/topic sentences.

In the For Intermediate Learners section, click on the English for ESL/EFL Intermediate Learners (1) and (2) for over 400 more short stories (again, titles are topic sentences) as well as audio and exercises for each story.

Note: This English as a Second Language resource website is US based, so the spelling is American as is quite a lot of the content.

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