Using ‘Literacy Face to Face’

Using Literacy Face to Face


Literacy Face to Face is the first online resource listed under ‘Tutor Resources (accessed via the drop down tab under ‘Volunteer Tutors’, LN homepage.) After you’ve clicked on the link, scroll down to find the table with titles of the PDFs available for download. While some of these files are geared for a classroom with multiple students, most could be adapted for a one-to-one learning experience. For those with the time to download and read each file, you’ll find some really interesting lesson ideas.


For those who don’t have that time, here are a few suggestions/shortcuts to get started using Literacy Face to Face:

  • For new tutors, there’s a PDF on ‘First meeting’. In this file, you’ll find a summary of the things you’ve already learned in the tutor training course plus a few more tips that might help settle the nerves as well as prepare for that first one-to-one session. Another file worth a look is ‘Make it Meaningful’, for some useful tips on lesson planning and layout.
  • For tutors of all levels of experience, the aptly named, ‘Using Newspapers’ has a clear, detailed (and very helpful) guide on how to use newspapers as a reading resource.
  • ‘Using Internet Web pages as a basis for lessons’ is another good one to look at for (online) reading resources.
  • For writing resources, ‘Writing Reports’ is geared for beginner- intermediate students, with relatively easy to understand diagrams and explanations and some useful exercises. For advanced students, there’s ‘Report Writing’ (Parts 1 and 2). Students would need to have very good language skills to handle these exercises, as the level of difficulty is high.


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